ArcGIS for AutoCAD

I hate downloading aerials, topos, etc. Most of the time, I end up downloaded them multiple times before I get what I’m looking for. So I decided to see if there was anything out there FREE that was worth a crap, and I found it.

ArcGIS for AutoCAD!

They support AutoCAD 2010 thru 2013!!


Once you click “Download”, you will have to create an account BUT thats just to download!

After you install it and open CAD, you will notice that the plugin isnt there!

You will have to use the “Netload” command, and navigate to C:\\Program Files\\ArcGIS for AutoCAD 250\\ArcGISForAutoCAD and select the .dll file.

Just and FYI! You will have to do this every time UNLESS you create a lisp to do it for you!

Don’t worry, I’ve done the work for you! Just copy my code below, and save it as ArcGIS.lsp

;Load ArcGIS Ribbon
;Jonathan N - 05/12/12

(command "_ribbon")

(command "netload" "C:\\Program Files\\ArcGIS for AutoCAD 250\\ArcGISForAutoCAD")

Check back for a details guide on how to use this plugin


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