AutoCAD 2011+ Hatch Properties

Sense moving to AutoCAD 2011 products, I’ve noticed that hatching is very slow and causes AutoCAD to “Not Respond” for a few moments, not to mention that hatching is all ribbon based now. This is something that really don’t care for, so I’ve done some searching and found some system variables to make hatching a little easier.

hpdlgmode” set to 1. Now when you enable the hatch command the old hatch dialog box will appear. If you want to be able to double click your hatch to edit it, you will have to edit your double click options in CUI, under the hatch option.

hplayer” Is another useful system variable I found allows you to set a default layer that you want all your hatches on. Don’t forget to setup the system variable in your templates with the layer already created.

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