Easily Align A Viewport View

Rotating a view within a viewport can be quite involved when using the DVIEW command.

The ALIGNSPACE command from the Express Tools is a quick way in which rotating the view within a viewport to match that of a line in Paper Space is easy as using the ALIGN command.
It is really that easy too!!!

Here’s how:

Make sure that you have a reference line in both model space and paper space.
Activate the viewport in which the view is to be rotated.
Start the ALIGNSPACE command. Found on the “Express Tools” tab > “Layout” panel > “Align Space” tool
Pick 2 points within the viewport that define the angle
Pick 2 points in Paper space to define the desired angle
Click inside a viewport to apply the rotation to that viewport and then hit

Note: The order in which you define the 2 points within the viewport and the order of the 2 points in paper space will be aligned accordingly.

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