Hatching and UCS Origin

When you place a hatch inside a closed area, by default, the pattern starts at the origin of the drawing, which is usually 0,0 of the current User Coordinate System (UCS). Since your closed area probably doesn’t start at 0,0, the hatched area starts somewhere in the middle of the pattern.
For simple hatches, such as diagonal lines, that doesn’t make any difference. But for some hatch patterns, such as concrete, the result may not look very good.

You can specify the origin of the hatch pattern to get a better-looking result. Follow these steps:

1. Start the HATCH command

2. Select required Hatch Pattern

3. Set required Scale and Rotation

4. In the Hatch Origin Section, choose one of the options

If you want the hatch to start at a corner of an enclosed area (bottom-left, top-left, etc.) or the center, check the Default to Boundary Extents check box and choose one of the options from the drop-down list.

If you want to pick a specified location, click the Click to Set New Origin, and you will be prompted to pick a point in your drawing.

You can store you selection as the default origin by check the Store as Default Origin check box.

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