AutoCAD Match Properties Settings

Every AutoCAD user should know about the MATCHPROP (MA for short key in) tool.

But many of us don’t realize that there are some settings that we can use in this tool. It allows us to use this tool to match only a specific property. So you don’t have to use separate tool like LAYERMCH to match only layer.
Let’s say you want to copy an object line style. But you don’t want to copy it’s color, layer, and any other properties.
Let’s try to activate this tool. Type MA then hit [enter].

You can also use activate this tool from AutoCAD ribbon> home tab> clipboard panel.


Select source object:
Current active settings:  Ltype Ltscale Dim Text Hatch Polyline Viewport Table
Material Shadow display Multileader
Select destination object(s) or [Settings]:
After you activate the tool, pay attention that there is an option to choose settings in AutoCAD command line. Type S then hit [enter].
You will see property settings dialog box.
Uncheck anything that you don’t want to change. Click OK. Now you can copy selective properties to your AutoCAD objects!

How to: Draw an Arc with a Specific Arc Length

There is no direct way to do this. There are some methods that seem to allow you define length. For example start, center, length. But this is defining the chord length, not the arch length.

There is a suggestion to calculate the angle using simple mathematic calculation, comparing the arch radius and arch length. After you get the angle value, then you can draw it. But it is not easy.

I suggest a better solution: draw the arch, then modify it using lengthen tool.


Lengthen tool allows you to define the object total length, including an arch. Select the total length option, then type the distance you want.

Command:  LENGTHEN
Select an object or [DElta/Percent/Total/DYnamic]: T

Specify total length or [Angle] <1.0000)>: 1000

Select an object to change or [Undo]:

Now if I try to inquiry or see the arc properties, I will see the arch has the exact length I wanted.