Incremental Numbering

I have a great tip for you today that you may not know about.

If you’ve ever had to number a ton of item I.E. Piles, then you know how pain staking it can be to number each of them one by one.

AutoCAD has an express tool built right in to help you with this task!

Express Tools> Text > Auto Number or simply type tcount!

But lets not get ahead of yourself. First you have to place the text, either mtext or dtext will work. You can type whatever, I usually just put a “1” or an “X”.

Here’s how:

Select Text
Select Sort
Specify Starting Number and Increment <1,1>
(The first number is your starting number, Increment is the amount you want to increase)

Keep in mind how your text is laid out. This tool will sort by X, Y or Select order. If you are unable to get the desired result, I recommend selecting one row at a time.