Dimensions: Placing text above and below dimension lines

If you’ve used AutoCAD for some time then you probably already know this tip, as it has been around for a while now. But if your fairly new, figuring out how to get text both above and below a dimension line can might be a hassle.

Here is a standard dimension line:


Let’s say I wanted to make this a typical dimension, but since the dimension is above the dimension line, I wanted my “TYP” text to display below the dimension line. Double clicking the dimension text and pressing enter will result in the image below, where both dimension and TYP are above the line.


The solution to this is to enter “\X” instead of pressing the Enter button. Note the use of a capital X, a lowercase x will not work. After using this little code, your dimension line will look as you always intended it to; with the dimension above the line, and  “TYP” below.


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