Rebar Data

I created a small program in Excel that displays all the rebar info for hooks and stirrups.

You can download it here

When you first open the spreadsheet, click “Enable Content” at the top and the dialog box will appear. After you do this once, you shouldn’t have to enable it again.




Select Previous

Have you ever had to move an object several times and wanted AutoCAD to automatically select the previous selection?

Easy, when AutoCAD ask you to select objects press “P” then [ENTER]!

You can also select the last object drawn by pressing “L”!


Google Earth Pro

What was a $400 license is now free for everyone. That’s right, Google Earth Pro is now freeware.


Download the program here

Sign in with your email address and this license key: GEPFREE.

Google Earth Pro Features

  • High-Resolution Images
  • Regionate large datasets
  • Batch Geocode addresses
  • Import GIS data
  • Imported GIS images are Automatically Geo-located
  • Import large image files More than max texture size (Super Image Overlays)
  • Access demographic, parcel & traffic data layers
  • Create premium movies
  • Measure area of a polygon or circles
  • Map multiple points at once
  • Viewshed tool
  • Mapmaking tool
For anyone using Google Earth this means you get high-resolution images, geo-referenced data, measurement tools, and the ability to load GIS data. As long as you dont try to sell the data and make sure to include all required copyright notifications. Visit Google’s Geo Permissions Guidelines for more information.

Quick Attribute Editing

You already know that you can double-click an attribute that brings up the edit attribute dialog allowing you to make changes. But did you know there is a way to bypass the Edit Attribute dialog box?

Here is a quick and easy way that a lot of people didn’t know.

Simply hold CTRL and double-click the attribute. It will allow you to edit the attribute as if it were dtext.

Super Easy!

Opening another program from AutoCAD

As a designer we all have reference material we have to use in order to relay the information on the drawings correct. You may have those files in one centralized location, or maybe scattered through out your computer. Where ever they may be, it would be great to just click a button in AutoCAD and open the desired reference file without minimizing AutoCAD.

I’m going to show you how to accomplish just that!

I would suggest creating a custom toolbar and use the macro:

(startapp “explorer” (findfile “C:/your/path/here/file_name.extension”))

For example if I wanted to open an excel file:

(startapp “explorer” (findfile “C:/Users/jonathan/Desktop/Steel_Pipe_Vessel.xls”))

Attribute prompt order

Have you ever been editing an attributed block, and wonder how they got the attributes in a certain order? Or maybe your developing a block with attributes and the order is a bit chaotic.

Here is how to re-order the attributes.

The first thing you need to know is that this feature is ONLY available in block editor!

Whether your developing a block or you want to change the order, the first thing you must do is open the drawing containing the block. Next type BEDIT and choose current drawing.


Once in block editor type BATTORDER and the attribute order dialog box will appear.


Next you will select the attribute definition and move it up or down on the list. The order of the list will be the order they appear in the attribute editor.

Once your done editing the list. Save the block and close the drawing.