Google Earth Pro

What was a $400 license is now free for everyone. That’s right, Google Earth Pro is now freeware.


Download the program here

Sign in with your email address and this license key: GEPFREE.

Google Earth Pro Features

  • High-Resolution Images
  • Regionate large datasets
  • Batch Geocode addresses
  • Import GIS data
  • Imported GIS images are Automatically Geo-located
  • Import large image files More than max texture size (Super Image Overlays)
  • Access demographic, parcel & traffic data layers
  • Create premium movies
  • Measure area of a polygon or circles
  • Map multiple points at once
  • Viewshed tool
  • Mapmaking tool
For anyone using Google Earth this means you get high-resolution images, geo-referenced data, measurement tools, and the ability to load GIS data. As long as you dont try to sell the data and make sure to include all required copyright notifications. Visit Google’s Geo Permissions Guidelines for more information.

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