Create PDF’s or DWF’s Automatically

Did you know that AutoCAD can create PDF’s or DWF’s automatically upon saving or closing?
This is a nice option to have, because it can be tedious to update the PDF/DWF every time we make changes. And we often forget to do it.

To setup this feature, go to OPTIONS > Plot and Publish > Enable “Automatic Publish” > then click on “Automatic Publish Settings

plot and publish

In the Auto Publish Settings you can change the options to suit your needs.

Auto Publish Settings

You can auto-publish on Save and Close as well as get a prompt before the publishing.

The location for the PDF files can either be the drawing folder, a sub-folder relative to the drawing folder or any other specified folder.

Other settings are if you want to include Model, Layouts or both, creation of single-sheet or multi-sheet files, inclusion of layers, lines merge control and so on.

The AUTOPUBLISH command can also be used to specify some of the settings on the command line.


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