Dimension Overrides

Have you ever overrode a dimension outside the Dimension Style Manager and wished you could add the changes to your dimension style?

I’m going to show you how to do just that!

After you have finished tweaking the dimension simply select the dimension > right click > Dimension Style > Save as New Style > Select existing Dimstyle (or create a new one if needed).




How to simplify AutoCAD plotter list

This tip comes from CAD-notes.com

When you plot your drawing from AutoCAD, you may find too many plotters in plotter list. You’ll see Windows printers and AutoCAD default printers in the list.


If your computer is connected to several printers, this list can be long. You can simplify this list and display only printers you need in AutoCAD. Let’s find out how to do this.

Hide Windows system printers

You can hide Windows printers in AutoCAD. Go to AutoCAD options, Plot and Publish tab. Check Hide system printers in general plot option.


Now only AutoCAD plotters are displayed. How can we plot to a plotter registered as Windows printer? You will need to create PC3 file for that plotter. Let’s see how to do that.

To use Autodesk Plotter Manager

AutoCAD plotters are defined in Autodesk Plotter Manager. You can find it by opening Windows control panel and click Autodesk Plotter Manager.


Windows will open a folder. These are PC3 files for AutoCAD plotters.


To remove AutoCAD plotters

To remove plotters is easy. Create backups first. Copy all files as backup.

Now you can remove plotters you never use. If you ever need them again, copy them back to this location.

To add AutoCAD plotters

By hiding system printers, now the printer/plotter is may not in the list. You need to create it with Autodesk Plotter Manager.

Double click Add-A-Plotter Wizard.

Follow the steps in this wizard and choose System Printer for this plotter.


Change the configuration if necessary. After you finish, the wizard created a PC3 file for that plotter.

To plot with the new plotter

If you try to plot now, you can see shorter list of the plotters. Now you can choose the plotter you created before from the list.